Lose Weight. Stop Dieting. Start Living!

16-Week Coaching Program

Make Healthy Eating Feel Effortless in this Proven Masterclass

You are successful everywhere else in your life but here, so why can’t you get your act together when it comes to your eating? You’ve invested an exhausting amount of energy into dieting, frustrated you can’t get or keep the weight off, and are confused as to what will work for you that’s realistically sustainable and not ridiculously depriving. There’s GOT to be another way besides counting, tracking, and measuring. Another restrictive diet is therefore not the solution, WE are.

Take the Struggle Out of Losing Weight

Meal Plans alone are no longer enough for you to pull it all together. Letting a professional show you how to do this through a personalized coaching program will remove the struggle and provide relief, positivity, and answers. Sure you’ll learn what foods and portions work best for your body,  but what’s CRITICAL to making healthy habits stick and feel enjoyable is our ability to help tweak your mindset and resolve your obvious and non-obvious obstacles keeping you from succeeding such as stress eating, perfectionistic mindset, consistency, impulsive eating, nutrition information overload, overly restrictive approach, or lack of trusting yourself when it comes to your food or body.

This is an unprecedented and low-stress 1-on-1 consulting program where you will acquire the knowledge, tools, skills, and mindset necessary to master this area of your life, get empowered, and lock in your future quality of life that doesn’t involve stressing about food or weight.



  • Lose weight
  • Learn how to be flexible with your eating
  • Build positive, sustainable eating habits
  • Eliminate emotional eating
  • Improve consistency
  • Have healthy eating feel easy and natural
  • Renew your relationship with food
  • Receive personalized flexible healthy eating guides
  • Fix the true problems, not the symptoms
  • Develop a daily eating structure that makes sense
  • Clarify which foods work for YOU and your lifestyle to lose weight
  • Develop meal planning & meal preparation skills
  • Rebuild confidence
  • Improve family nutrition
  • Improve mindful eating skills
  • Juggle nutrition with every day responsibilities
  • No Measuring Foods

Format of Online Weight Loss Program:

  • 10 Coaching Calls
  • On-demand personal email/text support
  • Weekly check-in’s
  • Post-call action plans
  • Video series
  • Handouts & resources
  • 4 month commitment



We Know You Mean Business, and We Do Too. Let’s Go.


The TNT Difference: We are your personal go-to nutritionist, counselor, coach, mentor, and motivator all-in-one