Dieting Sucks. Time to Take a More Sustainable Approach.

What Will You Learn from the E-book?

Without giving it all away at once, this E-book will cover simple, yet effective tools and strategies to help you lose weight and build long-term healthy eating habits


A healthy positive mindset is vital to ensure the weight loss process stays healthy and low stress!

Mindful Eating

Beginner tips to help build awareness about your decision making process surrounding WHY you eat. 

Nutrition 101

Learn the basics surrounding carbohydrates, proteins, carbs, sugar, and alcohol.


10 Sample meal plans, popular recipes, detailed grocery list, and weekly meal planner worksheet!

About the Author, Shelby McDaniel

A wellness authority and supportive mentor, for over 12 years Shelby has helped boat loads of clients lose weight, develop skill sets to better manage their daily nutrition and empowers individuals to make lasting changes in their eating behaviors and lifestyle. Her experience and professional training allows her to serve her clients at the highest level.

She has a heavy track record of working with high achieving business professionals, entrepreneurs, and politicians lose weight, create a healthier lifestyle, and find balance between their health and overwhelming work schedules. She also has worked with numerous athletes from pro bodybuilding competitors, Ironman athletes, and MMA athletes, providing them nutrition coaching for their sport specific needs.

  • BS Nutrition Science
  • Licensed Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Facilitator
  • ENW Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist 
  • Certified Weight Management Consulting Agent
  • Retired IFBB Figure Pro

Check out what other people had to say about the E-book...

So much value in one place!

I am amazed with how much information I was able to gain from this simple E-book. Shelby keeps it simple and real.

Staci H

Amazing advice.

I love the section on mindset. It helped me to stop overthinking about the weight loss process as a whole and just keep it simple. Easing the process has helped healthy eating become more enjoyable.

Jonathan N

A Little About Why I Wrote this Book...

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